Hey y’all! I am Nita Bankston, the “Head Heifer in Charge” of this crazy chaos called Heifers & Halos. I am a retired teacher of grades 4-8, prison GED, and high school Agriculture Science/FFA. I have a degree in Agriculture, reside in Texas, live with my husband, son, 3 dogs, 1, cat, and many, many cattle.

I got started in the design business in 2016. I got a Cricut because I wanted to make my own agriculture related shirts. I hopped on crafting sites to see what I could find and to my surprise, no authentic ag designs could be found. I opened an online business in 2017 and it has been rolling since then. I not only create designs that are in the agriculture/farming/ranching niche, I also do art for people in my local community. I like to do historical drawings and a lot of cows and horses. I have also branched out this year with online classes, digital planners, planners, and wedding invitations.

If you have looked around, you can tell that my niche is rural America. This isn’t just a niche for me. I live it and love it. I know there are a lot of people who share my love for agriculture.

I hope my designs will make you smile and that you will use them to create whatever your heart desires. If you need a custom design, I am available!

Thank you for stopping by,